Card in disorder

Hello, to review my lessons, I always do: “Personalized review” → “Preview of new cards” to review all my lessons chronologically. But recently when I do this, my cards are totally out of order.
Before, there was only “To review” or “End”, but now that I’ve done this, everything is out of order.

Do you know how to go back to the old version of Anki because this one really sucks?or do you know how to fix this problem?

Thank you

@dae Shouldn’t this be FilteredSearchOrder::Added?

That’s a feature of the V3 scheduler: The Anki v3 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions

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Thanks, good catch. It looks like the current order was added in 2017 (previously we sorted based on the card’s modification time, which was even worse). I’ll push a fix.

Sorry but I didn’t understand how to fix this problem :frowning:

@Azk You can open the options of the filtered deck after creating it, and change the order to ‘order added’.

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