V3: "can't show new cards when too many overdue" is a problem

I’ve been using Anki for 10+ years. Over time I’ve slowly accumulated 10k+ cards in my main deck, all manually created. I try to review every day, but inevitably slack off when the day is busy.

Now I have a TON of overdues, and will probably never catch up, but it’s fine because 98% of my cards are mature.

However, there’s one problem: when I add new cards, they’ll never show up, unless I set my daily review limits to 9999. For this reason, I’ve reverted to using v2.

As I mentioned, I create all my cards manually, and I do it when I come across things to remember in life. The best time to review this type of new cards is immediately after I create them, because that’s when I’ve just encountered them in life and the memory is fresh.

This works for me: Set the daily review limit to a high number such as 9999, and also set New/Review Order to “Show [new cards] before reviews.” This way I can learn my full allotment of new cards at the beginning of the session, and I can do as many (or as few) reviews as I want.

But I agree there should be an option (and maybe even default) of showing new cards regardless of the review limit. Also, sometimes I’ve wished for an option to show new cards in, say, the first 30% of the session, to spread them out a bit more, but eventually I decided that “Show [new cards] before reviews” actually works very well for me.

This is tracked on Consider providing a way to bypass review limits on new cards · Issue #1834 · ankitects/anki · GitHub


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