New cards not showing up in review

Having issues with new cards not showing up in review.
Before the recent update, whenever I added new cards they were always displayed first when reviewing, before the older cards were displayed for review.
I added a bunch of new cards recently and they do not show up at all in review. It always shows “0” as the first number on the review screen.
The only cards that are showing up in review are the old cards.


Did you check your new card limits in the deck settings ? (And obviously, that the cards are in the right deck ?)
Could you provide some photos or a recording of the problem ?


The most likely reasons are (A) that the scheduler is preventing you from adding any more New cards because you don’t have room in your limit of Review cards, or (B) that your subdeck presets aren’t setup correctly to let the New cards through to a parent deck. Since you mention the update, let’s go with A.

If you’ve already got a backlog of due/overdue cards, and you add more New cards now, that would push taking care of your backlog even further away. Options are:

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New card limit is 500/day. The cards are in the right deck. It is clearly showing they were added a few days ago.

I increased the daily review limit and selected the option new cards ignore daily review limit. It is still not showing the new cards at the start, and it only says there are 6 new cards when there should be 40 (or 40 with both sides, not sure if that should be 80).

I guess it wasn’t A or B!

Your screenshot shows that these cards were created on 3-28 – but they aren’t New. They have a 3-28 due date, so they won’t be included in any count or queue of New cards.

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Thanks @Danika_Dakika !
@diamonddust3061, you can right-click on a card and “Forget it” to make sure it becomes a new Card.
Don’t hesitate if you have any other questions.

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I don’t understand why they aren’t new…

Thank you, I don’t know how these cards are not new cards but the forget option was able to solve the issue.

Indeed, that’s strange. Happy to know you managed to tackle the problem using the option.
Don’t hesitate to put a message here if you have the issue again !

Did you use Set Due Date on them? If you post the card info for one, it might give a hint.


This is still not working for me. I have 132 new cards listed but they won’t show up in review. I have been practising for several weeks and the only cards I have shown up for the entire time are the Learning cards.

This is still not working for me. I have 132 new cards listed but they won’t show up in review. I have been practising for several weeks and the only cards I have shown up for the entire time are the Learning cards.

Have you reviewed all the “Learning” cards? Perhaps, given the quantity, Anki will only offer you these before presenting you with the new ones?

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Those Learn cards are very likely the issue. That and the Review limit we’ve already talked about (which I know you said wasn’t the problem so maybe your Due count is a round number by happenstance :woman_shrugging:t4:). You should check (or post here) your Deck Options for the deck the cards are actually in, and the parent deck you click on to study.

If those are short-interval learning cards – they are the highest priority and will always be shown as close to their due time as possible. If you are starting the day with leftover short-interval cards that you didn’t have a chance to graduate to Review yesterday – those are overdue and will be shown first.

If you don’t want to have today’s Learn cards come up first tomorrow – make sure to graduate all of your Learn cards to Review today. If you have too many to do that – you should lower your New card limit. You shouldn’t introduce New cards unless you plan to graduate them to Review by the end of the day.

If those are interday learning cards – see Deck Options.

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I don’t understand, I’ve been using this app regularly for over 5 years and the new cards always showed up first before the learning cards. Sometimes the learning cards would be interspersed with the new cards, but the new cards were always showing up first on review. I don’t understand why now all of a sudden the new cards are not showing up.
And yes I did review all of the learning cards, I just kept getting the learning cards showing up again over and over. No new cards.

Did anything change recently? Did you update to a new version? Perhaps one that no longer supports the v2 scheduler?

IIRC, with v2, you had a single setting for all of Anki about whether New cards came before/during/after Review cards. But even then, learning cards were a special category. [To be fair, my memories of v2 are fading quickly, so I’m basing that on the manual from 4y ago, before the v3 scheduler.]

With the v3 scheduler, you have a lot more control over the order cards are displayed. Take a look at the Display Order options, and see if there are better settings for you – Deck Options - Anki Manual.

Yep, no new cards while you’ve got other cards in their way.