New cards not showing up during actual review

Hi all, I am experiencing problems with new cards not showing up although on the deck page the new card number is correct (they are not under a parent deck so it’s not the problem of reaching max review). When I click into the deck the new card number becomes 0 and they indeed do not show up when I actually start studying. However, if I start some reviewing and then go back to the deck page and re-enter the deck again it becomes normal. This video demonstrates the problem Anki - YouTube.
This has started to happen since I updated to 2.1.46 and then downgraded a few days ago because the cloze overlapper add-on doesn’t work in 2.1.46. I have tried reinstalling Anki and disabling all add-ons but these didn’t work, and I don’t want to upgrade to 2.1.46 without being able to use cloze overlapper. I know I can still study like usual with a few more clicks but it’s really annoying.
Really grateful if anyone can help. Many thanks.

Please follow the steps on When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions. If you can reproduce it on .46 with add-ons disabled, please let me know your AnkiWeb account or provide a sample deck that I can reproduce it with.

The issue is that some add-ons don’t work on .46 and I would not like to stop using them in order to use .46…
Is there an alternative way? Thanks.

I will not be able to help you if you do not follow those steps.

@ 3g1g5gs8

You need to follow the steps linked and disable addons temporarily to figure out the source of the problem. You may be able to use all of your addons, you may have to disable some and wait for updates, but you will never know if you don’t do the tests.

Developers always have lots of bugs to chase, on top of all the work adding features and improving things; if you want your specific issue solved your best bet is to make it as easy as possible for them to figure out what the cause is.

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