V 2.1.54 Bug report, second card won't play audio correctly

I just download the latest version of Windows desktop Anki program V 2.1.54 (b6a7760c)
and found one bug there.
I created a Note for Japanese phrase, with two audios, one in polite mode (red part), one in common mode (green part). this is card A

and there is another card with same contents, but switch these two phrases, this is card B.
Now, at card A, all works just fine, but at card B, firstly you will notice that distance between red tag and phrases down below is much bigger than that green one.
and audio played incorrectly.

When I clicked phrase below red tag, made it replay audio, it played audio of green tag phrase, which is supposed to play red tag phrase.
This situation did not happend at card A.
And this situation did not happend at my Android handy.
Only at Windows Anki, and only at card B.

and for t

Please upload and share a sample deck that shows the issue.
Checking if this is caused by add-ons is recommended too: When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions

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