Audio files not appearing on cards

Hello, I’ve just been having some issues in regards to getting audio files to appear on my card. Just as a note, all issues are in regard to the Sentence-Audio section, not the audio section also pictured.

When the card is created, the audio file for the sentence is inputted into one of the card’s fields like so:

I manually checked /Library/Application Support/Anki2/User 1/, and the file is indeed in the media collection:

Yet when I open the card, the audio neither plays, nor is there an option to play the audio. The audio play button seen on this preview of the card is the audio from the Audio field (yomichan):

If anyone was aware of a solution, hopefully that works for both desktop and mobile anki, I’d love to hear it.


Is Sentence-Audio part of your card template (as {{Sentence-Audio}})?

Prolly not, I just slapped it on as a new field. Any way to check or change it to that?

So you have a field with content, but don’t use it in the card layout. You can check: Select the card, click the cards button and see if {{Sentence-Audio}} is present on the front or back of your card template. You can also paste your card template here and we check it.

Please also see Anki Manual

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Ah it wasn’t there… Oops. Thanks for pointing that out!! While I’m on the topic, do you know how I can limit the size of the image in order to make it more usable on mobile. The card template will be below (I have added sentence audio and it works, this is just an old screenie):