Using custom path in image src

I have an image file with an unusual dimension of 994 x 32647 and size of about 15mb. Though the size is within Anki’s single file size limit, for some reason, that particular png file keeps preventing Anki from syncing media. Cards get synchronized but media sync will take forever and it will be timed out. The connection-timed-out pup up doesn’t show any error detail – just a suggestion that I try again later or change my network. Everything works perfectly when I remove that particular image file from the media folder.

So the question is, how could I get the img tag working with a custom path like this;
<img src="../stubborn_media/image1538.png">
Perhaps with a custom path right in the parent media folder as shown above. That way, I could at least, transfer any such file between devices manually.

You could try increasing the network timeout in the preferences screen to see if that helps.

That did it. Thanks

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