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I recently exported all my AnkiApp cards to Anki on my laptop. In order to export the media, I had to make subfolders for each of my 15 decks in the step of the png export because I noticed that some of the image files in AnkiApp were given the same file name, necessitating the need for sub folders. All of my cards and media (all images) were successfully uploaded into Anki from AnkiApp. However, when I synced to AnkiWebemphasized text, none of the media files transferred. I didn’t exit out of the computer app before the sync was finished. When I click under media on the app it says I have missing and unused media files. I’m wondering how I can get the media files to sync with AnkiWeb so that I can get the cards on my phone app.

As the first sentence of the pop-up in your screenshot says, folders inside the media folder are not supported.

Thank you for the reply. How then do I upload the media files to the appropriate cards when the same file name has been given to multiple media images? Also, if they’re not supported then why do they show up on the Anki app on my computer which brought them in from the sub folders? Thank you!

You can’t, you must rename these files. Maybe the importer mentioned in the link above can do that for you, I don’t know.

I reamed them all with the prefix of the subfolder and removed all the subfolders but its still not working - any ideas why?

It’s a two step process:

  • rename folder/file.jpg to folder_file.jpg
  • use the find&replace feature inside Anki’s Browse screen to replace folder/ with folder_

That is assuming they were imported as folder/file.jpg. Maybe they were imported as just file.jpg. In that case, you’ll need to manually edit things. You can use the </> button in the editor to reveal the filename of an image.

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