AnkiWeb does not sync pictures from folders

Hello, AnkiWeb does not sync pictures from folders, but only pictures that are located directly. In the first and second images, I show that I have working decks of cards on my computer, the pictures for which are in folders and are perfectly opened by the program. In the third image, you can see that AnkiWeb did not sync the picture of the card from the fully working deck, which I showed in the last image. On the fourth, fifth and sixth images, you can see that the deck I created specifically for testing contains pictures, one of which is located directly, and the second is located in a folder called 123, both of these pictures are opened on the computer, but the first is synchronized in AnkiWeb, but the second one is not. In the seventh image, you can see a recording system specially created for checking the deck, as well as a regular deck. So how do I get all the images in subfolders on my computer to sync to AnkiWeb?

I could not immediately upload seven images, this is the sixth and seventh, respectively

It appears that subfolders in are not supported.



Are the creators planning to add this feature? If yes, then when?

Subfolder support is unlikely to come any time soon.