Images for 1 deck not synchronizing to Anki iOS

Hi there,

I’m having an issue where the images from one deck I’ve created are not synchronizing to the Ankimobile app on iOS even though they appear correctly on the PC and in Ankiweb via browser, so I know the images are syncing correctly everywhere except for the mobile app.

I’ve double checked that the “Sync images and other media” slider is checked (other decks are working fine anyway), run a check media, ensured that the sync completed successfully, checked the media log, and even deleted the mobile app off my phone and re-downloaded and synced from scratch in an attempt to rectify the issue.

I also searched the forums and have seen some other people reporting various similar issues, but nothing that helped me, unfortunately.

Can someone suggest something else to try to get the screenshots to sync properly to the mobile app for this one deck please?


What is the file format?

The images are .JPG files.

Please give an example filename that is not working, so I can look it up in your AnkiWeb collection.


Sure, no problem. Here are a couple of the image filenames in the %AppData%\Anki2\User 1\ folder where all of the media lives.


Let me know if I can provide anything else.


Those files are valid and in your AnkiWeb account. I presume AnkiMobile says ‘media sync complete’? Do those files show up when using ‘check media’ inside AnkiMobile? Does the image appear when editing the card inside AnkiMobile?

I presume AnkiMobile says ‘media sync complete’?

It does.

Do those files show up when using ‘check media’ inside AnkiMobile?

They are not listed there.

Does the image appear when editing the card inside AnkiMobile?

Yes, I can see the image when editing the card inside AnkiMobile

So it seems the image files are synchronizing, just they aren’t showing on the card during normal reviews in AnkiMobile for some reason, even though they work fine in AnkiWeb and Anki for PC. Could it be a resolution issue? Are there restrictions on the size or resolution of images for AnkiMobile that don’t apply to the other versions?

The deck author is to blame. Removing this from the styling in the card template should fix it.

.mobile .main_image {
    display: none;
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Ah, thank you! That fixed it. I knew it had to be something about the source deck I started with, but didn’t know where to look as I’m not familiar with how things work under the hood with Anki.

Thanks again for your help in tracking that down. Really appreciated.


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