Images deleted after synching Anki mobile app

A while ago, when I downloaded Anki mobile on my iPhone and synced with my decks on my Mac, the images did not show up on the app and then, when I went back to my Mac, all the images there were deleted as well and had been replaced with a small grey placeholder photo square. I was never able to recover these photos, even from previous backups. I recently tried to redownload the app as I would like to be able to do Anki cards on my commute, however the same thing started happening again (photos synching on the app and getting deleted/replaced with placeholders) so I aborted the synch and deleted the app again. None of the photos got deleted that time, luckily. Is there a reason this keeps happening? Can I fix it somehow? I would really like to be able to use Anki mobile as I have paid for it. The images I use are copy pasted from the web or screenshotted on my Mac and then pasted from my clipboard— I have the settings on Anki set to paste as a jpeg. I know there is also an option to paste as png— would this make a difference? I would really appreciate help with this issue! Thank you.

You don’t appear to have any deleted media files in AnkiWeb. Have you tried restarting your computer? If problems persist, could you point me to a specific card in your collection that exhibits the problem?

This happened months ago so I’ve restarted many times since then— it appears to be permanent. I’ve attached some images of what shows up instead of all of my photos— this is only for photos in cards, somehow image occlusion photos have been spared.

The image referenced in your first screenshot has been renamed because it was too long. If you use Check Media in AnkiMobile, or update to the latest Anki version and use Check Media there, it should update your cards so they point to the correct file locations.

If I check media on my Mac, this comes up. I assume the missing files are the images that have been deleted/replaced with that placeholder square.

The images should now work - did you try studying them again?

If problems persist, please make sure you either updated to the latest Anki first, or ran this on AnkiMobile instead.

They’re still the same— I am on the latest version and I’ve deleted the Anki app since this keeps happening ://

I see you have not upgraded. Did you try running Check Media in AnkiMobile?

I just upgraded Anki to the newest version and downloaded the app again, however again as soon as I start doing cards the “media sync” begins, which is what previously deleted all of my images, so I aborted it. I have attached a screenshot. None of my images show up on the app either way (I have screenshots of my iPad notes in the “extra” section of cloze cards). Why is this? Is there any way I can fix it or do I just accept defeat?

Here is the image of the media sync

That indicates that media files are syncing. Please let it run instead of aborting it.