Images Not showing up on random cards

Ever since I got a new computer (macbook pro), various images on numerous cards only appear as the little image icon. They do not actually show up. I have tried resyncing over and over etc. I have read all of the threads related to this topic (making sure the media syncs sound and images and making sure that the media and file names in my computer match, etc.) and none of it has worked. The same problem occurs on ANKIWEB, anki on my iphone, as well as on my ipad. These cards without images are weaved throughout decks I have already made a lot of progress on or added my own notes to cards, so restoring from an old backup would cause me to lose everything. There are way too many to copy and paste individually. PLEASE let me know what I can do to fix this??

It won’t help to fix it, but try to use Tools - Check Media on all your devices. The report should be the same.

If it mentions something about the trash folder and shows that the trash folder isn’t empty, use the button to restore deleted files and run Check Media again to see if it makes any difference.

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Server logs indicate the file in your screenshot was deleted on the 21st July. If you have an old backup with those files, you can import it into a new profile, then copy all the files in the media folder over to your other profile to fill in the missing files.

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@dae @kelciour

thank you so much for the helpful advice/info!! I really appreciate it. It did show me that recover message once the other day and i clicked it a few times but it didnt look like anything was happening so eventually i pressed sync and it disappeared :frowning:

But wow how can you tell when it was deleted? ugh i had a feeling and i dont have any backups that old​:persevere:mine says it keeps 50 at a time but none of them are older than about 10 days…Ill be hoarding all my files from now on :sweat_smile:

Anki’s automatic backups do not include media. Please see

I’m afraid the files can not be recovered from AnkiWeb, as they were deleted too long ago.