Media not appearing and fixes not working

I use an anki deck that is shared on my course and it is working for everyone else in my cohort. For myself, it is fine on my phone but on desktop it keeps coming up with a ‘broken image’ icon. I have tried re-syncing, uninstalling and reinstalling Anki (with updates), and even downloading the deck file again and importing back into my profile. However, none of this has worked and it is stopping me from being able to review certain cards. Looked in all the threads I can think of but can’t find a fix. (also tried clicking sync sound and images)

Does Tools>Check Media report missing files?

Yes, it does. Which is why I thought redownloading the files and importing again would work but no luck

If you’re importing a deck with media, and you already have those cards in your collection, the media won’t be imported. I recommend you make a backup, delete your cards, import, and then restore the backup.

Please can I ask if the progress will be kept or not? I would really prefer not to have to start over

That’s why you need to create a backup first. When you restore it, any imported media will remain, and your progress will be restored.

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