Missing Media from Shared Deck


I was wondering if I could get some assistance with retrieving missing media files. So, someone shared a deck with me which I imported into my Anki desktop app and I was browsing through some of the cards I noticed that of the image occlusion cards, a few were working but then the rest I couldn’t see the actual image, it was just the image icon. I have pasted an example of what I mean below.

I checked Tools > Check Media > and it says there are missing files. But now I am not sure what to do from here. I also tried deleting the deck and re-importing them but that did not solve the problem. In addition, I tried importing the deck into a different profile but again the same thing happened.

Now, I’m not sure what to do from here so I’d appreciate any assistance possible.
Thank you!


Looks like the media was already missing in the deck when it was exported. I don’t think you can do anything to retrieve the media because you never had it.

Check with the person who shared the deck with you and see if the original deck has the same problem. If not, they can export it again including media and share it with you again.

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Hi there,

Thanks so much for the fast reply. I’ll check with the person who shared it with me but I’m pretty sure the media files are all loading properly on their end so could definitely be an export problem.

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