Using 'again' button on new cards delays learning cycle?

Does using the ‘again’ button on a new card ultimately increase the learning steps AFTER I learn the card and start using the ‘good’ button? I saw a thread on reddit that said no, but this has not been my experience either.

For example, take two new cards, one which I learned before Anki and the other I have not learned:

-For the card I already know: I create a card in Anki and immediately hit ‘good’ on each review. The card moves through the learn cycle at what I would call the normal rate until it graduates at 21 days (I use 21 days as a max interval).

-For the card I am trying to memorize: I create the card in Anki, but since I have trouble remembering it, I hit ‘again’ the first five or ten times the card comes up. Finally, I am able to remember it and start using the ‘good’ button. At this point, the card starts to move through my designated learning steps (10m, 4h, 1d) each time I use the ‘good’ button, but after that it appears to have MORE review steps on shorter time periods until it ultimately reaches 21 days (max interval), which ultimately increases the amount of times I have to review it after I’ve used the ‘good’ button.

So all that said, does using the ‘again’ button on new cards before they reach a learned status somehow change the settings of the card and ultimately increase the amount of times you’ll have to review the card AFTER you start using the ‘good’ button?

The quick answer is no, learning cards have no interval or ease factor, so no matter how many times you press Again in the learning phase, that shouldn’t have any effect on its behavior once the card is graduated.

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