Updated to latest version, now my tool bar and help bar gone

After downloading the latest version of anki and replacing it with the old one on my desktop two things happened

  1. the color changed to black instead of white for the background (don’t care just odd)
  2. now when I am adding cards to the deck, in the upper left all I can see is anki, the toolbar, edit, file, and help etc. are all missing. I want them back! please help.

@dae please help

  1. Could be because Anki is following your system theme; In main anki tab: Anki → Preferences → User interface

  1. The toolbar is not present in the “Add” tab, you will find them in the main tab, where you can see the decks

That looks like a Qt bug. You could try the Qt5 version, or the things listed here: Display Issues - Anki Manual

Appreciate the response. But he toolbar was present when I was adding cards previously though, that is the issue. Id like for it to be present again when adding cards.

There is no where for me to paste the code it wants in terminal.app

Paste (Cmd + V) the code in terminal, the gray box in the bottom left indicates where you will type

It will not print anything. You can then start Anki again.

did the echo code, but it didn’t appear anything either, seems like a qt6 issue, try using the qt5 version for intel

how do you know if you have qt5 or qt6 ? is that the old version vs new? Do i have to redownload the old version

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