Menu Bar Disappears except for Anki tab

Hi, I recently wanted to use Anki again after a month long break, but saw that the software needed to be updated. I did that, but to my disappointment, the entire menu bar, excluding the Anki tab, had disappeared when I wanted to add a card, as well as the add-on futures that are directly on the card when editing. I’ve tried different versions of the Anki update, but no difference. I hope someone here can help.

Please follow the steps on When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions
If problems persist, please post a screenshot of what you’re seeing.

I’ve restarted Anki, disabled my add-ons, I’m using 2.1.66 version, I checked my database, and restarted my computer. Still have the issue of only having the Anki tab on the menu bar when I try and add a card as seen below.

To access the main menu, you need to click on the main window first.

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