Missing Menu Bar PC

I just downloaded Anki 2.1.56 onto my laptop and the window size seems to be off. On the Deck page and Add page, my cursor has to sit below certain buttons to be able to interact with them. I also noticed that the menu bar and card type fields are outside of the window bounds.

I have tried messing with the window size and aspect ratio but those portions of the windows just remain outside of the viewable area.

Any suggestions?

You could try 2.1.57 to see if the toolkit update helped. If not, maybe disabling HIGHDPI will help: Text Size - Anki Manual

Tried both and the problem is still happening. Not really sure what the problem might be, this isn’t a problem on my windows desktop but is on my windows laptop.

If disabling HIGHDPI did not help, and changing your video driver does not help, maybe you’ll have more luck with the Qt5 version.

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