Browser bar bug

Anki 2.1.54 (qt6)

close all menus

with the browser maximized, close and go back.


It only goes back to normal if I open some menu and close the browser not being maximized.

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I could not reproduce.

Algum outro usuário do grupo do telegram relatou?

Another user reported it and I was able to reproduce the error.

Can you report your windows version? I had some errors on W11 that does not occurs on W10.

Windows 10

I couldn’t reproduce the error even though I was on windows 10. It could probably be something related to the video format. In qt6, I can’t get into full screen format. Can you make it full screen?

You can change the video driver to enable full screen: Display Issues - Anki Manual
But I can’t reproduce the issue with either setting. (Also Win 10.)

No luck here either - I tried with both auto and software, tried normal maximizing and full screen, and tried changing between 100% and 150% DPI, but it does not occur on my system. @cjdduarte does changing the video driver make a difference for you?

It’s linked on Browser sidebar appears as small box in top left · Issue #1902 · ankitects/anki · GitHub