Anki doesn't save the full screen window size

When I open Anki, it does not open at completely full screen. This means that Anki does not completely extend to all four dimensions, which results in a small tiny border (about 1 to 3 px) showing up on the right and bottom side, since Anki does not completely extend to its available screen estate.

Unfortunately it is hard to see on this screenshot, due to the white background on this forum. So I made some photos with my phone:

When I manually drag the window to completely fullscreen, and the close and open anki again, it does not save the “extended” version and still shows this small white border if I have nothing opened except Anki on my white home screen.
Also pressing the “Reset window sizes” doesn’t change anything.

This occurs on the apple silicon build of Anki (Qt6) but for fun I tried the intel Qt5 version, and did not encounter this issue.

Anki 23.10.1
MacOS 13.1.1

Sounds like a bug in the graphics toolkit Anki’s built on. I can’t seem to reproduce it on a Mac here, so I presume it’s related to your (presumably external) display.

I have the exact same behaviour on my build-in MacBook Display. Therefore it’s some bug in Anki or Qt.

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