MacOS: fullscreen shortcut does not work on Anki


MacOS: 11.6
Anki: 2.143

Pressing control-command-F does not make Anki fullscreen (or make it exit fullscreen).

Any input is appreciated.

I think Anki doesn’t support fullscreen by default.
Try this addon instead: No Distractions Full Screen: Clean review interface + Tablet/Touch support - AnkiWeb

It is possible on a Mac by clicking the maximize button, but the shortcut doesn’t work. I’ve added support full screen shortcut on macOS · Issue #1441 · ankitects/anki · GitHub


Is that “real” fullscreen?

Not sure what you mean by that, but it’s quite easy for you to install and see for yourself.
Looks like I was wrong about the default support anyway :sweat_smile:

Got it. When you say you were wrong about the default support, what do you mean?

meaning, without any addons; which is the case for Windows, with the current version i use (2.1.44)

But apparently it does so on Mac?