Screen size changes are handled poorly on Mac

When I move between using my external monitor to using my laptop by itself Anki throws up a number of issues. Firstly the text and graphical elements are fuzzy, and this persists after refreshing the view (for example by opening a deck and then returning to the decks screen) and is only fixed by leaving and reentering full screen. Secondly, windows such as the syncing and add card dialogs appear off centre, and often completely off screen (see attached screenshot for example). This behaviour persists until Anki is closed and reopened. I hope this can be improved, it’s rather annoying.


It’s a bug with the toolkit Anki uses unfortunately. Might be worth trying the latest beta of Anki, as it uses a newer toolkit version.

Update: the second problem with window positions has been resolved in a recent update, although the fuzziness issues persists. It’s too bad this can’t be fixed but thanks for your attention to it anyway.