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I had an older version of Anki on my computer I guess, because the one I downloaded right now does not look the same (specifically the deck, add, browse, stats, and sync buttons). Rather than being small and centered, they are in a sort of task bar of sorts and to the left. How do I fix this? Also the decks have a transparent background that I would like to remove. Basically I would like my Anki to look like more so like the pink version below. I will add the heat map when this issue is fixed. Thank you, I appreciate it.

how old is it? try tools → add-on → check updates

if you are on 2.1.60, the add-on is currently broken, weirdly enough, it is the same bug that you are having

maybe it was broken since 2.1.57 because of the UI changes

if you disable the add-on, the bar will be centered

Toolbar problem · Issue #56 · AnKing-Memberships/Custom-background-image-and-gear-icon · GitHub

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