Unable to reposition new cards on desktop

Hello. I am running Anki on Arch Linux. I have tried to reposition some new cards on the desktop client with both Qt5 and Qt6, both V2 and V3 scheduler, v2.1.52 and v2.1.53, and with the AUR package anki and the official binary, but no configuration seemed to work.

I can go into more detail if needed, but I can’t seem to reposition new cards. Currently I open the browser, search for the deck I want to reorder, sort the cards based on the criteria I want to order by (a field, I am making use of the add-on Advanced Browser to do so), and open the Reposition window. Then I run it, but nothing happens and cards are not repositioned.

Also, I think that the Due column either isn’t working properly for me or has changed since the documentation was written. Cards I have reviewed show their next due date fine, but new cards have blank entries in the Due column. Sorting by the Due column seems to reflect the original due order of the cards (see below).

In the end I had to go into Ankidroid, change the “sort by” field to the field I wanted, go into the browser, filter for new cards in that specific deck, reverse the display order, hit reposition, hit okay once it finished loading, then change “sort by” back to the original field. A bit silly for something so basic, but maybe I was just doing something wrong.

Perhaps of note is that even after doing this, sorting by “Due” on the desktop shows the original order despite the new cards appearing during review in the correct repositioned order after using AnkiDroid to reposition them.

So, does this sound like I’m simply not doing it right or is something wrong on my end?

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Did you select the cards first? Were they new cards with a New # in the Due column? If so, the number should have changed to match the order you were sorting in.

Yes, I did select all of the cards before running reposition. They were all new cards, but the Due column only shows for cards that are due in the future, showing the date they will next show up. Cards that are new or suspended have a blank Due column for me in the desktop program.

Make sure you’re in cards mode in the editor.

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Ah, that seems to have been my problem. I can see Due for new cards and reposition them after switching modes. I was unaware of this feature, must have turned it on by accident.
Thanks for the help!

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How can I reposition cards that aren’t new?

I would like to study all cards due in 2 days at the 25th today that I havn’t seen in >20 days.

It’s 108 cards but 0 will move when I highlight all and select this:

So appearently it only works with new cards? What can I do?

Thank you

Reviews don’t have a position, they have a due date. You can adjust it with the ‘set due date’ action.

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