Reorder cards alphabetically for due date

I have a new collection, strangely without due dates in the browser. I want to sort the cards alphabetically by a field, so that their due date matches the alphabetical order of that field. I’ve tried all sorts of things, but it doesn’t work. Does anyone have a tip for me? Thanks.

New cards don’t have a due date, only review cards do. New cards have a position instead, which determines in which order Anki will introduce them to you (depending on your deck settings). You can use the Reposition tool to assign positions in alphabetical order.
If that doesn’t work for you, please be specific about what the exact problem is.


Yes, I wasn’t exact enough. In all my other collections new cards have in the browser in the column a position like for example “New #3460”.

But in this one deck cards have nothing at all there. So I don’t see any effect when I try to apply the reposition tool and cards come in an order, I nowhere can see in the browser.

PS: Export/import as colpkg gives no result. Only when I export the deck as apkg without including scheduling information I get position for the new cards after importing.

But what happend with my original collection? I’d really prefer to fix it there.

Here are some things you can try: When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve tried all this things. The db remains broken in terms of empty fields in the due column. I can try to restore it from an earlier backup to see, how far this goes back. Or as I said, export it as apkg and import it in a new collection, what does fix it.

But it is spooky how this can happen. I only hope, it never happens with a collection which is already used for a long time.


Have you set the browser to show notes? This is how it looks: grafik
In that case, empty due fields can be normal.

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Oh, silly me. That answers it of course. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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