New cards have no due date - help please!

I have thousands of new cards, and I’m attempting to shuffle their order around as I have realised the order I created them in isn’t ideal for learning.
Whilst I can right click-“info” them to see their queue positions, usually their New# or id’s in the due column (even when not yet studied) would help me see what order they are due to come up in. For some reason, these are not present for me currently.

Wilder yet, when I reposition some of them to lower queue values, their order when I sort by due column (which you can see is empty for new cards) does not change. So I essentially have no idea what order those cards will come up in if I reposition enough of them to confuse myself

Does anybody know what’s going on and how I can restore these due values?

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Reinstalled Anki (same version, 2.1.55), made a single new card. Voila it is marked with ‘New #1’ in the due column of the browser
  2. Imported my anki card collection ‘.colpkg’, the missing due dates are back and they affect newly created decks too! This happens even if I make those new cards in a separate deck with a new, default template, options preset.

You probably have the cards/notes toggle in the browse set to Notes.


You’re absolutely correct
I know this is a foolish mistake and trivial fix, but you’ve saved me a whole world of pain with workaround solutions.

Thank you so much!

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