Ultimate Birds deck

Hello, there is no need for a USA deck as notes are tagged by country. Please see the deck description for how to suspend birds not common in USA, you can even select birds based on a specific state if wanted.

Regarding the offline version you can download the media of the cards you want using the method described here.

thank you for you thorough reply, you did a very good job. i love this
deck and i think i will spend many hours learning birds. have a nice day.

Hello, I just found Ultimate Birds. Looks amazing.
I am currently studying the birds of Gabon and am wondering if you could add Gabon as a country?



Gabon is already added. You can select the birds with the query tag:UB::Gabon or tag:UB::Gabon::Common.

Hope you can make it work.

I am trying to figure it out. Have only used small decks before and never used the search feature before to limit the number of cards like you have implemented in Ultimate Birds. Will tinker some more and hopefully figure it out.

Hey, sorry for bothering you with such a simple question but I can’t seem to find a solution anywhere. I would like to only learn birds that are present in europe, but since I am very very new to Anki, I don’t know where I need to go to set things up that way, could you please help?

How to filter cards

Open Anki (preferably on desktop) and go to the browser

In the left section, scroll until “Tags” and find the country you want to study under “UB”

Search for all cards in the deck NOT having this tag (- means not)

Select all cards (Ctrl+A), then right click and toggle suspend

Now when you close the browser and start studying the deck, only birds that appear in the country will appear.

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Thanks a lot!

Thank you for this!

Hi there! I would love to get good at identifying birds, and this deck is seriously the coolest thing ever. Would it be possible for you to add a regional tag for Japan? I live there and think it would be cool to go birding here while knowing all the species. Thank you!

Hello, as far as I can see the birds in Japan don’t vary too much throughout regions. The endemic species have their own tags and there are only 363 “common” species for the country so I don’t think it is necessary to add regions for that country.

The reason I haven’t added regions for all countries is it will be a lot of tags which slows down Anki. Hope it is okay!

I’m realizing now that I read the deck description incorrectly haha, I should have taken a look at it before asking! I was under the impression that there wasn’t a tag for Japan, but that isn’t the case! I agree that Japan doesn’t need separate regional tags. Thanks so much!

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As bird names constantly change, is there any plans to update the deck to take those changes into account?

Or is there another way for me without having to go through 900 birds to figure out which have been renamed?

Currently studying southern African birds and out of the first 30 I already have 5 that were renamed in past years so it’s not like I can just ignore it.

Hello, I spend some time and updated the deck to follow Clements 2023 instead of 2021. The translations have also been updated to IOC 14.1, although the languages not available from IOC have not been updated.
Those languages are: Albanian, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bengali, Faroese, Galician, Georgian, Kazakh, Marathi, Malay, Maltese, Mongolian, Nepali, Portuguese, Swahili, Tajik, Uzbek, Vietnamese.

Hmmm. Then I don’t know what went wrong. I just recently downloaded the bird deck to my Anki account but all the names are several years old. Definitely not Clements 2023 or ioc 14.1.

I’m using English language so that shouldn’t be the issue.

I will try to do it again next time I have access to a computer and see if I did something wrong.

What you have to do when updating is to set “Update notes” and “Update notetypes” to “Always”. Also check “Merge notetypes” in case you might have changed it.

After importing you should see a message like:

  • 537⁩ new notes imported.
  • ⁨10,202⁩ notes were used to update existing ones.

Then to delete the old notes that should no longer be in the deck, search for:
"deck:Ultimate Birds" -tag:UB::version-2024-01-27
and delete all of those.

Thanks for creating this deck. I downloaded it a week ago and am currently using it to learn the common birds of Norway.

I went through the process of downloading media for those cards and it went without a hitch. I do have one problem though and am wondering if there is a solution.

I noticed that my collection is now >10 gigs (while I am not currently using AnkiWeb sync for this deck it would be nice to be able to do so in the future, and 10gigs is at the upper limit of what dae likes to see). Looking through the Anki folder I noticed that some of the audio recordings are particularly big:

These recordings are also particularly long (>10 minutes) which make them unsuitable for flashcards.

I am therefore wondering if it is possible to selectively keep recordings of a limited duration (say <30 seconds) or some size (say <10MiB).

Hello, I updated the deck so recordings are maximum 30 seconds as suggested.

When I first created the deck I tried to do this, but xeno-canto’s API doesn’t work for “less than” or “greater than” for some reason. However, I now found out if you give an interval: “1-30”, it works, which made it possible to do it.
So hopefully it doesn’t take up too much space now.


This is great. Thank you!

After updating to the newest version my collection size has been reduced from the previous >10GiB to 3.2 GiB for the common Norwegian birds (264 notes).

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It seems to keep taking some space due to WAV files. Could you filter the recordings, skipping those where “file-name” attribute ends with “.wav” ? (or maybe only keep those with “.mp3”, “.ogg” or “.opus” ?)

Not sure if it’s already done but another improvement could be to filter results by quality (“q” attribute, it’s a letter) and make sure that “also” is empty.