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I would like to be able to turn off the scheduler, because sometimes I first review decks in their normal order, but then want to flip cards. I also want to have the option of interleaving instead of only spacing repetitions. I do not always have time on the next day to study, however, because of my age, I forget more easily and need to schedule my intervals differently. I know what I am doing, as I have done enough research on interleaving and spacing repetitions myself during my time as a language teacher. So please don’t tell me, that Anki knows best. For most learners, this is true, especially if they have never had experience with spacing repetitions. However, there are exceptions to the rule. Now, due to the scheduler, I cannot control when I want to study, except I always use custom study, which each time gives me additional steps I have to perform. In the manual, it is stated that the scheduler can be turned off in the preferences. However, I can’t find anything that lets me turn off the scheduler there. Help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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It is possible to change the scheduler version in the preferences, but not disable it completely. The only way to view cards outside the regular schedule is custom study/filtered decks, or the preview option in the browse screen.

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Learn now & Grade now

I’ve installed the add-on, but when I select the cards to study again, there is a note saying: “No new cards selected, nothing to do”. What am I doing wrong?

I don’t know what to answer you.

I tag the plugin author for you


When using the learn now add-on, you can’t learn a card if it’s not new (has graduated before). You need to explicitly reset it using Reset Card Scheduling.

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But he will be able to use the second part of the add-on (no less successful…) " Grade now"

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Then, it is as complicated as customizing study and thus not what I want. I wanted to have a button, where I could just restudy the whole deck without first selecting cards.

If you want to re-learn the whole deck, you need to reset it first. The Reset Card Scheduling add-on is needed for that. But if you just want to review cards in a deck ahead of schedule, you likely need to create a filtered deck for that.

Thanks. I’ll try that one.

Here’s an example of using custom study or a filtered deck to “turn off the scheduler” and view cards outside the regular schedule.

During review there will be only two buttons: Again (<10m) and Good (end).


A filtered deck will also include a button to Rebuild it with a single click (or by using https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/104518886).



Custom Study

The easiest way to create a filtered deck is with the Custom Study button, which appears at the bottom of the screen when you click on a deck. It offers some convenient preset filters for common tasks like reviewing the cards that you have failed that day. It will create a filtered deck called “Custom Study Session” and automatically open it for you.


  1. Study by card state or tag

    • Select 99999 cards from the deck

    • All cards in random order (don’t reschedule)

  2. Choose Tags > OK



Filtered Deck

Advanced users can create filtered decks with arbitrary search strings (or ‘filters’), instead of relying on the preset filters. To create a filtered deck manually, choose Create Filtered Deck from the Tools menu.


  1. Filter

    • Search: “deck:Ultimate Geography”

    • Limit to ‘99999’ cards selected by ‘Order added’

    • Don’t Reschedule cards based on my answers in this deck

      By default, Anki will return cards to their home decks with altered scheduling, based on your performance in the filtered deck. There is a reschedule cards based on my answers option available which alters this behaviour.

      When rescheduling is disabled, cards are shown in a simple “preview mode”, and when they are returned to the original deck, they are returned exactly as they started.


  2. Build


Thank you for your answer. That seems to solve my problem. I had tried this before, but the description in the manual wasn’t clear to me. Now I got it.

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