Deleting "Custom Study Session" places "due" cards back into the Original deck as "New" cards


2 weeks ago I began having an issue with ANKI - after completing “new” cards by using → custom study → study by card state or tag → new cards only - when I delete the custom study deck, the cards reappear as “new” cards again in the original deck.

Any help would be great.

Im using:
Version 2.1.35 (84dcaa86)

What happened 2 wk ago? Did you update Anki?

Try enabling the New Scheduler; read and memorize these instructions:

About Custom Deck.
It is positioned so that everyone clicks on it;
it is not for new users, Medical students excluded.

The first choice should be the Regular deck.
May i ask what your reason to choose the Custom deck ?



My apologies for the late response. Thanks for all the help.

2 weeks ago I may have updated ANKI, but I can’t be sure if I did.

The New Scheduler resolves my issue. Currently, I have many cards to review so I exported them as a colpkg as instructed then enabled the New Scheduler. However when I try to re-import the colpkg saved decks once the New Scheduler is activated, that causes the New Scheduler to be disabled. So I’m going to work on getting caught up on all my reviews before activating the New Scheduler so I don’t have to worry about it resetting any cards that are “in learning”.

Yes, I am a Medical Student. I use the custom deck when I want to specifically focus on doing Review or New cards.

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The latest beta version can upgrade to the new scheduler without resetting your learning cards. Please make a backup before you update, just in case.

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