Review cards don't appear anymore

Hello everyone

Three days ago I did a Custom Study with one of my decks because I had too many review cards pending, I did all of them, which were around 150 review cards and when I finished I deleted it to go back to studying normally (new cards + review cards) but I came up with The surprise is that I no longer get any review cards, I only get the ones I made wrong and the new cards, I’m already doing more than 40 and still nothing. There they appear in green as if I had 90 review cards to do but when it comes to studying the deck, none appear. Not only that, I am surprised that the same thing is also happening with my other decks and I had not done this custom study in them.
This problem is happening to me in both Ankidroid and the desktop version

Is the same thing happening to anyone else? This is already worrying me :frowning:

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Depending on your custom study options, reviewing in a custom study deck will reschedule those cards, so they will not be due again until some time passes. If you search for the cards in the browse screen, you can look at the Card Info screen to see the review history and next due date of the cards.


It had apparently been fixed it after disabling Scheduler v3 on my AnkiDesktop, but that was not the case.
Then when I opened AnkiDroid it automatically reactivated V3 again and the problem came back. When I deactivate it again on the desktop it works fine but only on the desktop because in Ankidroid the V3 is activated automatically and I would like to study in AnkiDroid as before but I can’t anymore :frowning:
I can’t find where to deactivate the v3 scheduler in Ankidroid or anywhere If so, what could I do to disable it? :(((

thank you

This sounds like either (1) you don’t have any cards actually due because you already studied them and set them for new due dates, or (2) your due cards are not being shown to you because of limits you’ve put on your decks.

#1 is just the way Anki works (as dae said). #2 might be because of v3, but you can usually adapt v3 to show you what you want once you know a little more about it – The Anki v3 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions.

Rolling back to an earlier version to avoid v3 (which would be the only way to “disable” it) isn’t a great plan, because support for the v2 scheduler has ended.

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As you can see, I do have cards to review (green), the problem is that they do not appear when studying with V3 scheduler activated when I use AnkiDroid it reactivates V3 scheduler again (along with the mentioned problems)

By the way, I am referring to the first two decks (DECK 1gar and DECK level one)

What do you see when you try to study those decks? What is on the deck screen? What is on the study screen?