Anki is not showing cards I have reviewed

I will unsuspend cards and learn them. Then I realize they are not showing up. When I go back to those same cards and unsuspend them again, it shows up as a new card- even when the card has been reviewed before.

I do not have any filtered decks. I don’t have 2.1 scheduler on either.

Is there a way to prevent this? And how do I get these cards I have reviewed before to show up again?
I am debating resetting (and losing progress unfortunately) but I would like to know what the problem is so I don’t do it again.

If the cards were in learning, suspending them will reset them in the old scheduler.

what will clicking 2.1 scheduler on do for these cards? will it bring them back or will it just prevent cards from being reset in the future

Switching the scheduler will empty all filtered decks, and reset any cards that are in learning. It will also force the next sync to be a full sync.

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