TTS for 1B1 cards

Hello there :slight_smile:

At the moment I can only use
Front: {{tts en_US voices=Apple_Samantha speed=1:Text}}
Back: {{tts en_US voices=Apple_Samantha speed=1:cloze-only:Text}}

Would love to have the following:
Back: {{tts en_US voices=Apple_Samantha speed=1:cloze:Text-only}}

Simple TTS is already possible. As of now users can have the text spoken on the front (with cloze being skipped). On the back the cloze can be read only or the whole card with the cloze.
Since 1b1 ist getting more and more popular, TTS is unfortunately not working for those cards.

1B1 = Revealing one cloze after the other instead of all of them together. For this to work the card must be flipped over. So for Anki the card is on it’s backside from the beginning but the cloze and covered non the less (by some code in the notetype).

Since Anki thinks the card is on its backside, it reads the whole card together with the cloze…
So to stop the cloze from being read out loud it would be nice to have a text-only function for TTS on it’s backside as well.

cheers :slight_smile: