Built in TTS not reading multiple clozes

This is the code I have on the back of my card but it wont read all the cloze 1 but rather it will just read the first cloze.
{{tts en_US voices=Apple_Samantha speed=1.4:cloze-only:Text}}

Prostaglandins {{c1:: E 2}} and {{c1:: I2 }} cause vaso-{{c2::dilation}} of both afferent and efferent arterioles in the kidney

It wont read it as “E2”… “I2” but just “E2”

Any ideas?

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This was an oversight on my part; I’ll fix it in the next update.

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If it only happens when using an add-on, please report the issue to the add-on author.

Sorry for asking, I did send Glutanimate a notification as well. Have a great day!

Is there a way on your end to make the clozes without hints to read as “blank” as well?

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll keep an eye on demand for that.

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I would definitely love it reading “blank”.

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I too think the combination of cloze-type cards and the built-in TTS is wonderful. I’ve been able to get it working for language learning in a simple way.

If I understood Anki better, I’m sure I could get more out of it. In fact, if I could make one suggestion it would be that a database of examples be provided for common use cases showing a card template’s code along with an example of that card in action.

Anki has tremendous potential, but the learning curve is the problem. An example database would flatten that curve.