AnkiMobile TTS reading cloze as "blank"

Hi Damien and the Anki/AnkiMobile Team,

I saw another thread where you mentioned that you would keep an eye on interest for the native TTS to read cloze as “blank” on desktop. Is there any possibility for this feature to make it to AnkiMobile as well?

I started using AnkiDroid with TTS a little while ago and found that it reading cloze as “blank” was very useful as I am often not looking at the screen and might not be sure where the blank is placed (particularly true for younger cards). My android phone had some other issues and I’ve recently moved into the iPhone ecosystem. I’m a medical student and spend several hours per day using anki, and TTS has allowed me to go on a walk/run for about half that time which I wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. I think adding the cloze to be read as “blank” feature would make a big difference in my study speed while using TTS. If you could consider adding this I would really appreciate it!

Also, thank you for all your work on Anki and AnkiMobile - these applications have made medical school much more manageable, and recently with the TTS I’ve been able to enjoy the sunshine for a bit every day without loosing too much productivity, which has made a substantial impact on my well being in general. I really appreciate the work you’ve put into this!


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Hi Andrew,

It will be a little while until I have a chance to work on this, but the plan is to implement it on both desktop and mobile at the same time.


Okay sounds good. Thanks, I really appreciate it!

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Looking forward to this :smiley:

Yes, I am reaaly thankful and happy Damien looking into this.

I cant wait to see this working.

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