Transferring Cards from Windows to Mac

Hi, guys I have an urgent question. I am a GCSE student and have all my cards saved on my windows laptop. However, my windows laptop has started to slow down on me, I have backed up all my anki cards. For Christmas i will be getting a mac book air, I am really unsure on how to transfer my anki cards from windows to mac. Lets say I send my cards via email from my windows laptop and open my email on my mac, and download the cards, would that work? As i’m sure it would be recognized as a windows file.
Please let me know any suggestions or i’m kinda screwed.

You can open an account in ankiweb and easily synchronize your collection between all your devices from there, or you can manually export your collection to a colpkg file, and open that file from your mac.

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Im really dumb I honestly have no clue how to do that. :sweat_smile:

Follow the instructions here, and ask in the forum if you have any problem :slight_smile:

The problem im having is that i have multiple profiles for anki for example one for biology, one for chemistry and when im syncing it merges them together.

If i export my cards as files on my windows laptop and post them on my discord channel and then i reopen my discord on my macbook and import my cards from there onto anki, would that work?

Profiles should only be used when different people are using the same computer. In your case, it’s recommended to use just a single profile with different decks (biology, chemistry and so on) and subdecks.

At this point, i would recommend you to export your different decks in your different profiles to several apkg files and then import them into your Mac, using a single profile. Remember to include the scheduling information when exporting if you want to keep your progress in your new computer.

Apkg and colpkg files should be compatible between PC and Mac.


okay thanks, i’m kinda new to anki I have only been using it for a month Thanks for the support!