Not transferring images when exporting to new computer


I have just got a new Mac, and I’m looking to transfer all of my ANKI card onto my new Mac so I can continue study. I have ANKI desktop app and I’ve performed the ‘Sync’ after signing into my account - however the media files with all of my cards have not been transferred. The images are just replaced with a square icon. I have read places that syncing like this does not transfer over media, but is there any way I can get my ANKI decks with all of my current progress and media over to my new Mac?

I have read that you can just export your collection and then import it on your new computer - but I’m afraid that this doesn’t carry over my progress and so then I may have to start from scratch with it tracking which cards I’ve learnt and the timings etc. Does anyone have a solution for me on this problem? Thank you!

Please see Media files may take time to sync - Frequently Asked Questions