All pictures are gone

Hi. I have 2 questions:

  1. I logged in on a new computer (windows) and there are no pictures. I tried what was suggested on another similar topic and nothing has worked so far. On my previous computer (Mac) everything is fine, the pictures are still there. The button “synchronize audio and images too” is tagged on both devices. The sync is complete, I don’t know what else to do :frowning: Please, help.
  2. I have some progress on my old computer : for instance, I learned 1066 biochemistry cards and 152 are in column “due”. But on my new computer I have fresh new deck that wasn’t started and I need to go thorough cards from scratch again :sob: What can I do to transfer my progress?

Have you synced your old computer to AnkiWeb after doing these reviews? Have you synced your new computer with AnkiWeb afterwards?

Yes, still nothing.

Do all devices sync to the same account?

Yes. 1 account on 2 computers.

Please see Media files may take time to sync - Frequently Asked Questions

Hey, I found solution on reddit for anyone interested. Import the deck on a different profile, then manually copy media into your own media folder, then finish off by running ‘check media’. It works!

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