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Help transferring cards

Hi everyone,

Not sure if anyone would be able to help with this but I thought I’d ask. I have been using the desktop anki for about a year and have created a few thousand cards. My macbook air recently died on me after the motherboard failed. I can no longer turn it on and opted to get a new mac due to the cost of repairs. I naively thought that they would save to my account and I dont believe I synched with ankiweb. Is there any way I can recover my decks?

Thank you for your help!

If you didn’t did any manual backups yourself, I am afraid you are out of luck. I very strongly suggest to using Ankiweb from now on. Syncing to to cloud is a life saver, an it is quick, easy and free.

If only the motherboard failed, you can take out the hard drive and connect it to the new machine with the appropriate wire. Surely your Anki cards are not the only thing you’d like to save?
As for Anki, find your files and restore a backup.

If you never synced with ankiweb, and there is no way to recover your data from the dead macbook, then I’m afraid that there is no longer any way to help you.

That’s probably not an option with a Macbook Air - the storage is likely soldered onto the motherboard.

Oh, what a bummer. Sorry, @gmacmill!