I can't study my anki decks on my macbook after syncing to web account

I created an anki web account so I could use the anki app on my iphone. However, after my decks were uploaded to my web account, my decks no longer show up on my anki application downloaded on my computer. I can still see my old decks under the “Browse” category, but I can longer study them on my laptop. Is there a way to get my old decks to appear under the “Decks” category on my laptop so I can study them on my laptop again?

This sounds very odd. Could you perhaps explain what you’ve done on the laptop after creating the account?

Certainly your decks are not supposed to disappear like that. I’ve never seen that happening before.

I don’t believe my laptop has gone thru any updates since setting up anki on my laptop. I only downloaded Anki approximately 2 weeks ago when my master’s program began. So I have only basically been watching lectures on my laptop and adding to anki decks.

Additionally the only 2 addons I have are hierarchal tags and image occlusion

I’m not sure what you mean by them appearing under Browse but not Decks. Could you attach some screenshots and point to a deck in particular that you can’t see? You do know you can click on the +/- to expand/contract decks in the deck list?