New IMac, all decks are gone!?

When opening Anki on my new mac, all decks seems to have disappear. Who knows something about this. Help is greatly appreciated!

And also, I watched a youtube video (this one: Syncing in Anki: Getting Started), where I saw a demo version on the phone. I wonder if that was the paid anki app from Appstore? Because later he opend safari on the phone and got to ankiWeb and signed up. Hope someone is tech savvy…


Hi Jörgen, more info is needed to help you. Could you please explain with more detail the exact steps you have done, what you expected and what happened instead?

Hi. Okay, I thought that I could use ankiWeb on my iPhone, without buying the AnkiApp, but I guess that the black demo screen I saw in the video was the AnkiApp. I have AnkiApp on my iMac and I have signed up for an account, both on the iMac and on my iphone.

I usually don’t by pricy apps. But if it’s necessary, and if the app is useful, it will be worth it. Thanks for your reply.

And also, what do you think about the decks I had on my old iMac? Should they just disappear, or can I get them back (I had imported decks as well as my own on there)?

First of all, are you talking about Anki or Anki App?

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If you had not synced your old decks prior to switching machines, then you may be able to recover your old decks by returning to your old machine, and syncing. It will mean replacing any content you’ve added since then with the older copy however.