To have the cards displayed reversed

Help request, or suggestion:
It seemed to me a fairly basic option,
but having looked through all instructions I have not found any way to reverse cards, singly or the whole deck
(both ways would be useful).
So for example for a language card, to have, say, the French word shown upfront instead of the English word.
Using primarily the Ankidroid app
I do not make my own cards, using the choice of decks shown.
Thank you!

Anki Desktop is recommended for that:

Browser > Click a card > Cards > Options > Add card type > Yes

Edit the new card type as you wish.

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I tried desktop version in mobile, had some similar click a card and manipulate, but does not seem to work…
maybe needs the Linux etc computer version?
Mainly using Android phone - pity if it’s impossible, all the cards I’ve seen have English upfront when I much prefer seeing the foreign word, and if I know what it is.
Should be a phone option imho.
Can’t be that hard to program, surely…

Desktop version is the computer version. You can download it for from here for your OS (Windows, Mad, Linux) and you can add a reversed copy as described above (or changing your Notetype to Basic - Reversed card)

If you don’t want to install the desktop version, you can dot the following with Ankidroid:
Edit Note > Card 1 > Three dots > Add

Then, edit the new card type as you wish.

In any case I highly recommend you using the desktop version for adding and editing cards.


Thanks cqg
So computer and android app versions are linked, synced, I take it, changing one changes the other?
Does that changeability apply to other people’s cards one uses?
Also, that seems one at a time…is there some batch process, reversing all of them at the same time?
Thank you again!

Yes, computer version and Ankidroid are synced through Ankiweb, you just need to create an account and sync your collection across all your devices.
The process described above will change all your cards, I’m not sure what you mean with “batch process”, sorry.

batch process…what i mean as said was can all the cards be reversed
at the same time, that is say by one click, or do they have to be done one by one?

Also can “public” cards or ,“shared sets” or whatever they are called - cards not made by me - be alterable, ie reversed as described?

Yes, changing a note type will change all the cards using that note type.

I recommend trying by yourself, experimenting is the best way to learn how to use the program. Just don’t forget making a manual backup beforehand, just in case.