The whole deck shows few New cards than its subdecks

Hello everyone. I use Anking deck for step1, and recently wanted to make changes in settings so the reviews/old cards are shown before new cards. But the thing is everything kinda works ok except the fact that the whole deck now shows 2000 new cards( should be 9999) but in its subdecks, everything is normal.(So the new cards of the whole deck are way few than it shows in subdecks). So is there a way to fix this?

New cards are capped to the daily review limit, and you have a large number of waiting reviews which take precedence.

So if i finish all reviews, will it become normal? p.s. i think its v3 schedulers fault. Thought about disabling it when doing new cards and enabling it again for reviews, but wonder if it will negatively affect anything.

If your combined reviews+new cards no longer exceed 9999, then the new cards will no longer be limited to the 9999 review limit you have set. That said, I’d recommend you reduce your new card limit to something a smaller amount that will allow you to keep up with the subsequent reviews.

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