The "Learn" cards are not getting fewer :(

When I study the due cards and don’t know them, they are moved to ‘learn’. But the cards there do not decrease, even if I knew them. What is the reason for this?


Can you such a card, that should go out of learning but it’s not, and show us the screenshot of its card info?

Hi szalejot, thanks for your respond. What do you mean by card info?

You can either press “i” during a review of this card or find that card in the browser and press: right click → Info.
It will then open a window with full card info and review history.

I didn’t know that function. Thank you.

The last 3 reviews of this card were “Again”. The card will stay in re-learning (red) until you will answer “Good” or “Easy” on the review.

I know that, the problem is, I answered the card correctly.

And the Ease factor is the same.

Is it possible, that you are answering this card from the filtered deck, that has “reschedule cards based on my answers” option disabled?

It is a regular deck.

  • In the learning phase (red), the ease factor will not change :slight_smile:
  • What are your learning steps (go to Deck options, and look under New Cards)

Right, so, when you press Again, the card will come back after 1 minute

Then, when you press Good, it will come back after 10 minutes.

Then… when you press Good after 10 minutes, the card will come back tomorrow.

From the screenshot above, I can see that you pressed Again 4 times (hence giving the illusion that the cards are not decreasing, when in reality Anki just keeps repeating the same card in the hopes that you stop pressing Again :)). Makes sense?

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Yes, it makes sense. But this is not the point here. I pressed always “easy”.

I figured out what caused my case. An add-on called auto rate typed answer caused that. I disabled it. Now the problem doesn’t occur any more.

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