All cards move from 'due' to 'learn' at once

For one of my decks, after I answer the first card due that day, all of the cards that are due for the day move from ‘due’ status to ‘learn’ status. I.e. when starting review for the day, there are 60 shown as ‘due’. After the first card, there are 60 shown as ‘learn’ and 0 as 'due.

I’m sure that this is an issue with deck settings that I tinkered with (per recommendation of the creator of this shared deck), but my knowledge of Anki is limited so I’m unable to determine the root cause. It may not even be a real issue but the behavior seemed abnormal so I wanted to better understand the cause. Thanks in advance for your help.

Are you sure it’s when you review a card? The deck list screen combines review and learning cards into a single number which it shows in green. When you tap on the deck to study, the counts should be shown separately, so you’ll see learning cards in red. All your cards appear to be in learning at the moment, as you’ve added a number of learning steps.

Ah, I think that’s exactly it. Thanks for the straightforward explanation!

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