The interface is too big after the new update


the buttons have a border around them, the fonts are too big in specific parts, and it’s always zoomed in, the tags in the card browser are not at the bottom anymore.

it happened right after installing the new update I think.

I renamed the user interface file. and I tried a debug code I found in this forum. neither worked.

thank you

Tools → Preferences → Appearance → User interface size: 100 (Default value)

Looks normal for me, the only problem is that the tags are showing, and since it is anking deck, there are a lot of tags

You could use the 8 dots → click and drag to your desire height (Tags) or change horizontally the card length

also for the second image, the add-on custom background is broken, hence why the buttons are top left and not top middle

maybe run anki while holding shift to see if there isnt any addons making your anki bigger


Some other options: Text Size - Anki Manual

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thank you for your reply :heartbeat:

thank you so much.
it worked :heartbeat:

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