Anki 2.1.50: inconvenient interface size

The font size has become disproportionally large in the new version of the card editor, making the code very difficult to read.

The browser icons are also too large and don’t look good even when zoomed out.

The same thing is happening in the Add window.


In “preferences”, try to change the “user interface sytle”, but idk if it will help you, since you already use a zoom add-on

The field text size is controlled by the size specified in the Fields… screen. The buttons and field labels do appear to be somewhat larger than the surrounding text, which I’ve logged here: Reduce font size of editor toolbar/field labels? · Issue #1792 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

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Sorry for not being so clear before. I’m not using a zoom add-on. I was referring to the feature that comes with the new Anki version. Also, changing the overall interface size wouldn’t solve this particular issue since only some specific icons and pieces of text are disproportionally large.

Actually, the text size in the fields is not a problem. In the images above, I tried to show that the text in the Templates screen takes much more space in version 2.1.50 (1st image) than in the previous one (2nd image). I believe the card styling in the second image is a lot easier to read (even when using a more compact code formatting as I did).

Hopefully, I could clarify things.
Thank you for considering those changes.

Added the former issue to card layout editing font is a bit large · Issue #1803 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

Ok, thank you!