Problem with text showing up much larger than normal

I’ve run into an annoying display problem and am looking for some help.
When I learn cards, the font is now showing up as huge, without me having changed it. I’ve tried playing around with Tools/Preferences but haven’t found anything that gets it to go back to normal. I’ve added two pictures of how it should look vs how it looks now so you can see - I think it’s an issue with the display as opposed to the font size as changing the font size of the cards doesn’t do anything.
Thanks in advance for your help

My orig


Seems to me like something happened to your note template. Follow the steps Rumo describes in this topic and see if the problem still persists afterwards.

EDIT: Did you try changing the font size in the template or just for the fields?

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Hi there! Thanks for your reply, using Ctrl+Shift+N solved it. The front and back sides were as they should be but the font size shown was set to 80 so I changed it to 20 and now it’s back to normal. Thank you!

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