Issue with font size

Hello! I am running Anki on my Mac on Sonoma 14.2. I´ve been experiencing an issue with the font size on the app for the past few days. It seems that the font size has changed unexpectedly, and it’s affecting the readability of the content. The text appears larger than usual, making it challenging to navigate and engage with the forum effectively.I am always writing my quesitons in notion and then importing them to Anki via’ve tried adjusting the settings on my end, but the issue persists. Has anyone else encountered a similar problem recently, or is it just me?I appreciate your help in advance.Thank you!

I assume this only affects card display rather than the interface elements. If so, this probably caused by a change in or something in the card template. If you create a new Basic note and review it, does it appear in normal text size?

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I just tried it. When creating a normal note, the cards are in the defualt font size. The error is likely to be with the website itself. I will check to see if there are any custom settings that can be adjusted there. But thanks for the help!

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