"The front of this card is blank"

All by 1200 basic card suddenly got empty. When i try to study, it says
“The front of this card is blank”


But when i edit it, all information is available…

How to solve this bug…
Please Help.

Press Ctrl+Shift+N to open the note type dialogue, select Basic and click the Cards... button. Now make sure the front side looks like


and the backside looks like

<hr id=answer>

Thank you…
It works… Thank you so much…
You are a life saver…

But now the anki content in aligned to right (not center), and font size too is very small.
Can I manage that too…

Thank you.

Sure, same as above but set the styling section to:

.card {
 font-family: arial;
 font-size: 20px;
 text-align: center;
 color: black;
 background-color: white;

hey I got the same problem as Saroj…where exactly on Anki do I have to press Ctrl+Shift+N to open type dialogue? I was on Anki and pressed it and nothing happened…

On the start page. Alternatively, you can click Tools > Manage Note Types or in the browser, select a note with the problem and click Cards... in the editor.