2.1.55: UI way too big compared to screen resolution

Please see image to compare the UI of Anki. It is way too big compared to the screen resolution I have on my windows 10. I decrease the interface size as the minimum is set to 100%. I can only decrease the size of the UI by Ctrl+Scroll down. Issue persists if I use Qt5 or Qt6. Issue was not there in 2.1.54.

Please allow so that users can change the default UI size to what users want. This is like blown up at my face when I maximize my anki window. Even if I use Ctrl+Scroll Down, the UI is reset to its original state upon restarting Anki.

UI issue:

Anki Version:

You can use this add-on to resize the top toolbar and the main window: Deck Browser CSS - AnkiWeb
Go to Tools β†’ add-ons β†’ Deck Browser CSS β†’ view files β†’ user_files folder, then:

  • To resize the top toolbar, add #header {zoom: 90%;} to toolbar_injected.
  • For the deck browser (main window), you can add body {zoom: 90%;} to deckbrowser_injected.
    I think that, when you download the add-on, toolbar_injected is empty while deckbrowser_injected comes with a pre-set custom CSS. You can just delete/disable everything you don’t need.

(Also, if I remember correctly, there is the intention to add some custom styling/theme support to native Anki in the not so distant future)


Works like a charm.

Removed and kept the following settings. I stuck to 80% zoom. Better on my eyes.

tr {
  border-color: #00000000;
  border-spacing: 0;
.night-mode .zero-count {
  color: #737070
.rh-container {
  padding: 15px;
body {zoom: 80%;}

And I’m looking forward to that particular release. Thank you for your help!

Current look now:


Since its inception, Anki is lacking a font size settings in the preferences. What this add-on does. It could have more exposure, as it is a core setting. I could not enjoy/use Anki without this add-on.


You won’t have to fiddle with CSS or zoom values.


Thank you. This is also another work around. Hopefully, in the future Anki can implement both the above solutions in their releases.

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